One of the hardest things that come with owning a restaurant is the job of keeping it clean. There are so many things going on all the time. If you do not have an organized cleaning plan and routine in place then cleaning can be extremely overwhelming. The best way to keep on top of your kitchen planning is to always have a checklist at hand and follow your checklist so that you do not forget anything. The easiest time to forget things is when we are under pressure. By having a list of all the items that need to be cleaned and when they need to be cleaned we can make sure nothing goes uncleaned.

Another reason lists are important is because there are some things in your kitchen that need to be cleaned every day and some things that need to be cleaned once per week. Then there are other things that only need to be cleaned once per month or once a year, for example. Having a list is going to help you remember what needs to be cleaned and when.

Daily cleaning tasks – following is a list of all the daily cleaning tasks that need to be undertaken inside a kitchen restaurant.

Clean deep fryers – Fryers are a real hotspot for dirt and grime. These should always be cleaned every day. Forgetting to do these would lead to food tasting bad and bad customer reviews.

Clean and sanitize all surfaces – This is one of, if not the most important part of the restaurant because all food ultimately touches a surface at one point. They have to be germ-free. Use microfiber cloths to make sure all germs are removed without using chemicals.

Dust and mop the floor – Lets not forget the floor, one of the more important tasks too. Use Flat mops, preferably made of microfiber as well. These will save time and clean the best compared to cotton. Try this site for a good deal.

Sweep and mop the walk-in fridge and freezer – remember that this is where food is kept so keep chemicals out of here. Use only warm water and microfiber to clean these areas.

Wash floor mats – these are usually rubber so cleaning these is straight forward and easy

Wash all chef laundry – again very important. Must use a temperature that kills germs. Cross-contamination caused by chefs clothing happens frequently.

Clean meat slicer – if not cleaned properly, meat processors can spread very dangerous germs. Clean them properly, in fact, clean them more than properly, clean them twice!